The Wait Is Over…

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[Editor's Note: Prepare to be confused. This post was ported over from It no longer makes any sense, as I have left Catalfumo to launch Quarterlife Man, but the principles still remain the same.]

The wait is officially over–––I am employed.

There are formalities to complete (signing the offer sheet, drug testing, etc.), but for all intents and purposes, I now have a career. And it is a greattttttt feeling.

From the outset, this blog was created to document my final semester of college and everything thereafter. With college completed and degree in hand, another milestone has been reached. For awhile, I was unsure this day would come as quickly as it did. Despite hoards of resumes I sent, the response was lukewarm and uninspiring. Luckily, a dynamic shift came roughly two weeks ago (and I can’t explain it, which must mean it’s a “God thing”). Zero response turned into overwhelming response and zero opportunities turned into leveraged opportunities––I like to call that having the pick of the litter. It was a shift in thinking which led to renewed confidence which unequivocally led to my hiring.


The company is Catalfumo. If you’re in South Florida, you probably know them as one of the premier construction and development firms in the area. I will have the privilege of working in marketing as we prepare to launch an exciting consumer product this summer. I am excited to get to work with our interns as we “hit the ground running.” The job description requires a large amount of travel in 2011, which is incredibly exciting. A goal on my intermediary bucket list was to travel the country… and I get to do just that. It’s amazing how the Lord works to our benefit sometimes.

If you’re still looking for a job or just looking for something to glean, it’s this:

Stay prayerfully connected to God and just keep moving.

I don’t need to unpack this first part a bunch–––it’s likely just a reminder (if it’s not, please email me, I have great news to share with you!). Regarding the second part, the words ‘just keep moving’ are extremely important.

I could have very easily given up when things weren’t looking too hot. (“Gee dang it, I guess I’ll just go snorkeling and call it a day,” would have been my response of choice.) I did not, however, and I forged through endless doubt and likely failure to find the career of my dreams. The persistence in faith and knowing that God would eventually provide got me to the end result.

My endless search for the ‘right career’ finally came out of the blue, through a random phone message while I was in another interview. Go figure. After all of that searching, it was a company hoping I would take a chance on them and looking to return the favor. Isn’t it amazing how the Lord works to our benefit sometimes?

So there you have it: keep moving. If you feel like stopping, don’t. If the end result does not justify the means, ignore it.

You will be perpetually wowed by the power of your God when you move in accordance to him… and I will tell you this–––the feeling is great.


I am the founder of the Quarterlife movement, curating content by day and running a digital agency by night. I am on this planet to call out vision in others. I love Detroit sports and CrossFit. Connect below via social media or by email: jayson (at)