DEVIANT: Your Grass Is Pretty Green.

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This morning I was all set to send out a post on battling burnout. It’s something that I’ve been dealing with, as you can tell (NO POSTS!), with the pressures of work (traveling) and lacrosse (recruiting) mounting. Alas, I will give you a spoiler for that blogpost: In Christ it is well with my soul. #throwback

I will talk about burnout at a later date in the future (maybe when we have some downtime on the blog), but I really wanted to write on something else. There were a few blogposts that were half written (such as, “Replacing God With Women,” “Dare To Be Vulnerable,” & “Are You Critiqueable”), but I saw a topic I jotted down in mid-October that had no notes or anything previously written, so let’s address it now:

Your grass is pretty green.


Mmmmmmm. Tell yourself again. And again.

I struggle with many things (pridefulness and other characteristics come to mind), but I have an extremely difficult time with the-grass-is-always-greener-syndrome. I am a classic optimist… hell, my blog is titled after a whimsical optimist. I will always think the best of people and situations and, in turn, I believe that (for me) there is always a better and more applicable scenario. I’ll save you a bunch of digression and say the following: I am wrong!

Your grass is pretty green.

Sometimes, I can’t possibly sit still. I’m always moving forward. An “if you’re not moving with me, get the heck out of my way,” type of thing. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with that… but sometimes we need to stop and smell the roses! [Loving the garden references, FYI] Most of the time I am moving so fast that I can’t possibly see the greatness that’s right in front of me.

It seems backwards, but it’s true: The grass is never greener. Once you see that grass, you’ll look for greener grass; it’s a vicious cycle.

I always mention something along the lines of, “rule #465: never settle.” (I don’t believe in EVER settling), but maybe the right answer is slowing down just a bit. If I am going so fast that I can’t possibly see God’s greatness, then what is the purpose of moving at that speed? I know right now, God is calling me to slow down. The world is saying, “adhere to the rat race and worry about power and money and materiality.” As Christians we’re called to a higher standard.

The good news is here: that higher standard is an all-encompassing God. He is a loving, understanding God that knows your every step and is lighting the way (Psalm 119:105).

Let’s take action. Tell God: When I’m with you, my heart is satisfied. I dwell in nothing less than the sheer greatness of you, Father. I will walk swiftly, but in a manner that is agreeable to the opportunities you have set forth. I won’t bury my responsibilities in excuses and miscellany. I will embrace what I have and seek You first, letting all else happen according to your good great and perfect will. Our brazen contentedness will not be questioned or mistaken, because God, we know you’re on our side and when we are completely and wholly obedient to you, great things happen.

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