DEVIANT: Finding Your True Love

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Men. This is important. Not just this-is-important-this-is-important, but really, this is important. We’re talking about your true love.

Your true love is out there. Your true love is waiting.

Have you found your true love yet?


I think back over the years and I can easily remember my true love… or so I thought. Each time she was funny, compassionate, drop dead gorgeous (and/or a bunch of other things), but she was never my “true love.” For one reason or another, things naturally didn’t work and I would move on to searching for her–––the real ‘her’–––again.

You might be in the midst of that same search. If you are, I have great news:

Your true love is Jesus.



[Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Christian answerrrrrrrr]

Note: I get the idea that most of you who are reading this probably have a good idea who Jesus is and that this appears redundant. It’s not. Let me tell you why…

As previously referenced, I always searched for “her.” She was my ‘true love’ that would fulfill every need and bake me desserts and get happy when I kill cockroaches (or things of that nature). Well… she doesn’t exist! Surprise… I gave away the ending. She is human just like you and I, and she will love like you do…. a flawed sinner who doesn’t love unconditionally. She will never fulfill us and or love in a way that will ever EVER match the Lord. Knowing this, there’s no way we should ever put our hearts in the hands of someone other than Jesus Christ.

It sounds obvious if displayed plainly: you have two options––– sinner woman who loves circumstantially or sinless Savior who loves unconditionally. Take your pick.

#Jesusalldaylong #Jesusalldaylong #Jesusalldaylong

For a very long time, I looked for my salvation in women. Once I truly found my salvation (through relationships) in Jesus, my eyes were opened. My faith went to another level. I learned to cling to the cross instead of seeking the body of a woman. I learned to not care what the future holds, because despite everyone and their ring-by-spring-nonsense, I have all I need. Eventually, a day will come when I stand before my friends and place a ring on the most beautiful bride the world has ever seen… but regardless of my current relationship status, I still have a Father whose love is unmatched.

Spiritual bonus: His love is here RIGHT now … and also when I’m married … and also when I have ridiculously cute kids … and also when they have kids … and also when I die, or my wife dies … His love is here for eternity.

I wish we could tattoo this on our foreheads. It would be a great reminder.

If only we stopped pursuing women for the sake of pursuing women, we might just find that the love Jesus offers is so all-encompassing that we don’t need stupid habitual relationships. They only distract us anyway. We know there are good women out there (and there are plenty that will bake you awesome things), but we also know that there is an even greater God. Real manhood is sacrificing a touchable tangible love for the infinite love of a God we can’t see.

The Father is waiting for us to fully come running to him. Will you relent and rest in his overwhelming love?

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