Monday Rundown: The Day After Christmas

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What’s up Monday Rundown lovers? We have a DELUXE version of the Rundown today because last week we were moving servers. Therefore, in honor of the blandness known as the rest of winter that begins today, let’s go:

(Let it be known that the Monday Rundown feels horrible for anybody in a cold-weather climate today. Ouch.)

––Sending The Christmas Love: Inspired by similar stories from around the country, two families from South Florida donated $15,000 to a K-Mart in Lantana, Florida to pay off layaway gifts. Seeing generosity like this is incredible. In addition, these families are a part of the Christ Fellowship family and it’s very heartening to see the manifestation of what we’re learning in everyday life.

 ––How About This: A 59-year-old woman–––who had never previously held a hockey stick–––won a truck at a hockey game with this amazing shot. The incredible shot was from 114 feet away into a tiny opening at the other end of the ice, no bigger than a regulation-size hockey puck. Please watch this video.

––Jell-O, For Adults?: Kraft, the maker of Jell-O desserts, is launching a dessert made just for adults. What’s cool about this is that they’ve created a vending machine that doles out the treats, but only to those of a certain age. The machine for the dessert, called Temptations (oooh, steamy), uses facial recognition technology. Kraft collaborated with Intel on the project. #shockingtech

––Bad Fedex Employee: I don’t want this guy handling my stuff. Video here. (He throws––and breaks––a man’s computer monitor by launching it over a wall… on camera).

––YouTube Video of the Week: I really don’t use the word “adorable” very much, but here’s an opportunity: PUPPY. CHRISTMAS.

––Nothing Says “School Pride” Like Low Ticket Sales: News from Dr. Saturday (a college football blog) says that the University of Nevada had sold just ten tickets for their Christmas Eve bowl game, the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. Really? That’s the best you can do? For a bowl game, in December, in Hawaii. Nevada, you’re a Division I FBS football program and you have fans… I don’t get it.

––Speaking of Football: What a crazy year for the NFL. The Detroit Lions are 10-5 and in the playoffs for the first time since 1999. Tim Tebow is 7-3 as a starter. The Buffalo Bills were mildly relevant before dropping seven games in-a-row. Houston won the AFC South, while Indianapolis has just two victories (including a win over Houston). Let’s also mention that San Francisco has 12 wins. Has hell frozen over yet?

––Follow The Leader?: Always look to the leader for inspiration: i.e. Facebook’s new headquarters. Maybe the future Quarterlife Man headquarters will embody some of the same characteristics? I love the chalkboard walls.

––Starting From The Garage: Check out this visual tour of where mammoth companies like Apple, Google, and Craigslist began. Featuring garages, warehouses, and living rooms, it’s a great look into how these multi-billion dollar companies got their start. It’s also very inspiring as we launch this new venture at QM.

 ––ONE WEEK UNTIL PASSION 2012: Just one week. That’s all. Can’t expect any sleep at all… not a wink.


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