Passion 2012: Crowder Band Sings Bluegrass Worship [VIDEO]

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[Editor's Note: The notes from January 2nd's opening session will be online at some point tomorrow. Our expectation was to have a better connection than what AT&T can provide for their share of the 44,000+ people in attendance. We did not, though, so bear with us.]

In the late nite session tonight at Passion 2012, the David Crowder Band played their final performance… ever.

It was pretty great.

They played some new songs, a bunch of the old stuff, and even a small bluegrass set. The bluegrass set was something to behold, including this medley of I Saw The Light and I’ll Fly Away. No apologies for the iPhone quality. Enjoy:

Tomorrow night’s late nite session is Hillsong United. #bang #passion2012

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