Passion 2012: ‘Rescued People Rescue People’ (Christine Caine)

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[Editor's Note: These notes are from the Passion 2012 conference. They are from the perspective of the speaker. Enjoy them, and check out the other sessions from Beth Moore, Christine Caine, Francis Chan, John Piper, and Louie Giglio.]

[Editor's Note #2: To get the full effect, please read this in an Australian accent.]

[box_light]I do not ask that you take them out of the world, but that you keep them from the evil one.
–John 17:15 (ESV) [/box_light]

“As you sent me, I send them.”

He sent us into the world to do what he did. Jesus often interrupts our normal.


27 million people in slavery sounds so distant because it is a statistic. When they’re a statistic, numbers are faceless and easier to ignore.

God, where was the church? “Where were we?”

With a face, everything changes. Picturing my little girl, Sophia, changes things. It’s no longer a little girl on a poster.

What wouldn’t you do if it was your family member?

There are more slaves on the earth today than in the history of humanity. Now more than any other time. Incomprehensible.

During our watch as the church, more people are enslaved than ever before? How can that happen?


Compassion is never compassion until you actively get involved. “Go.”

We who have been rescued have a responsibility to rescue. Rescued people… to rescue people.

We are saved by grace for a purpose. Those people who are being trafficked have a future.

If we together would raise our voice we would help to bring freedom to a generation. God would use us to do that.

After all, the line between us and them is very fine.

I’m not a number. You’re not a number. They’re not a number. They’re full of God-given promise. The same word that set us free can set them free.

We will stand for freedom in Jesus name.

What’s so important in our temporal world that would keep us from acting sooner?

I love Walmart. Australians love Walmart. I remember when I bought my daughter, Sophia, a Barbie flashlight (she loves Barbie). I’ll never forget what she said, after trying to turn on the flashlight in Walmart:

“Mommy, can we go find some darkness?”

Light works more effectively in darkness.

Can you be the light?

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  • Joan Russell

    Dear Christine Caine,
    I am a Christian living in Perth, WA and I feel deeply to help people to be rescued from the sex trade — human slavery. Please could you advise me how I can be involved in these people’s freedom and help pay
    for safe houses for them to flee to.
    Joan Russell