Monday Rundown: Still Glowing From Passion 2012

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Welcome back to reality, Passion-goers, and the January 9, 2012 version of the Monday Rundown. Lettttttt’s go:

––Passion 2012 Recaps: Did you miss something said during one of the sessions over the course of the week? Catch up through all of our articles:

––Passion 2012 Vids: Also of note, we uploaded two videos onto YouTube, which are already over several thousand hits combined:

––Welcome A New Face: Say hello to Cory Copeland, the madman behind To My Future Spouse and Mad to Love. Cory will be a regular columnist for Quarterlife Man and we’re ridiculously excited to have him. His first post goes online tonight… get ready. You’re not ready. Get ready.

––She’s A Daredevil: Listen to this girl, Erin Langworthy. Talk about a hot accent. I love foreign accents. Anyway: She was bungee jumping in Zimbabwe, and her cord snapped. Not only did her cord snap, but she fell into crocodile-infested waters. She survived. Click the link for the video.

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