Knights in Shining Armor Need Not Apply

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All of us ladies have been told since we were little to hold out for our “Prince Charming,” to be swept away on a valiant steed by our “Knight in Shining Armor.”

Well, I’m about to rip the flood gates open on that load of crap… so gentlemen, pay close attention.

If we’re going to be honest, we have to start at the very beginning and get one thing straight. Girls are brain washed and delusional. You can thank Walt Disney and the first slumber party for that. We sit and watch these movies where the woman leads such a tragic life and magically a man makes it all better with a single kiss before the last rose petal falls.

[Well, let's get real, Beauty and the Beast is the closest fairy tale we have to real life relationships. He's a big jerk and full of himself and she breaks him with her wit, kindness, and willingness to see past his shortcomings. I'm sure the men are all shaking their heads at this statement saying, "No way!" but one day you'll realize I'm right.]

Anyway, back to how girls are mental. We are told falling in love will be the greatest thing we will ever experience, followed by having our children. That alone should tip us off to the fact that the world is full of liars; because how would the actual process of birthing children be great?! I am a woman and I am NOT looking forward to that at all.

We categorize that pain in our greatest moments along side of love. See how twisted our minds are? We have eluded to the male species that this is what we want; what we desire. Gents, I am very sorry for the things we have done to you, because this is so far from the truth.

[I will take this time to note, that unless you are seeking a godly woman, who in turn is seeking a godly man, this advice will not apply.]

First, we should probably talk about what the world tells you ladies want.

They would have you believe we want a big, strong man to carry us across the threshold and then be emotionally closed off and stable so that we are always left wondering what in the world you are thinking. This is the only way we can then sit around with our 3 girlfriends sipping cosmos talking about how awful you are.

[Sex and the City reference for those wondering.]

While we’re at it, the world will tell you to be a “bad boy.” Don’t call us for at least 3 days. Never speak kindly to us when we are out in public. Please shun us when we are around your friends. Also, if you could have a laundry list of problems and issues that we could try and fix, but never succeed at, that would be fantastic.

This. Is. Crap.

Men, if you are truly seeking God’s will for your life, stop going after women who are seeking the world’s version of a “real man.” That’s exactly why you are finishing last, because if I was a betting lady [which I'm not] I would say you are the “nice guy” right? And like we all know, nice guys finish last. You will keep finishing last every single time if you continue to seek after women who are not first seeking God. It’s time to be real men. It’s time that this generation saw what a man after God’s own heart looks like.

We, as women, so desperately want and need the Joshua’s, the David’s, the Daniel’s of this time to step forward.

Will you take the lead in this charge? I can guarantee that the more in line your heart is with the Father’s, the more likely you are to find that special woman to stand beside you.

When you do, these little tips will help explain how to treat her and keep her. I’m going to be writing in parts discussing what a godly woman is looking for in a godly man. Be on the lookout for part one of this little series I’m going to be calling, “A Knight in Godly Armor.”

Until then, stop chasing after women who are chasing after the wind.


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