You’re Not A One Man Team

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You have probably already read 1000 tweets, status updates and texts that say the same thing, but I’m gonna have to say it again, Passion 2012 was amazing. If you haven’t been yet, and your 18-25, you need to make your way to the Georgia Dome next year (

Among all of the amazing sermons and community group talks (shout out to all my guys and girls in glitter green…still rocking my wristband) it was a single phrase that impacted me the most at Passion 2012. While rapper Lecrae was killing it on stage, he shared an amazing truth in between songs that shot right through my mind and soul.

We need God’s power to do God’s will.

I know that it may sound painfully obvious (it’s almost as deep as saying you need a hammer to nail a nail), but it’s something I need a reminder of and have forgotten in my walk with God. When we worry, that’s usually a sign we are forgetting how big God is.

Here’s the thing, God wants us to accomplish his work and he is limitless. This means his work is unlimited and his goals for us are sometimes colossal. There will be moments when God is going to convict us about things and lay HUGE burdens on our hearts that seem next to impossible.

Maybe God has laid a burden on your heart to fix the homeless problem in your community. To reach out to a seemingly “unsaveable” atheist person at your job that thinks you’re a moron for trusting Jesus. Maybe God’s calling you to go to the darkest corners of the earth and preach the gospel.

When God calls us to do these huge things, we freak out and ask questions like:

  • How am I going to do that?
  • Where am I going to get that kinda money?
  • Do I even know the word of God that well?
  • Do I even have the strength to do that?

Are you sensing a trend here? Instead of wondering how we are going to do those huge things God is calling us to do, we need to trust that God is going to come through and use us and work through us and in the end, his will is going to happen. We just need to have faith and say something more along the lines of, “I don’t know how this is going to happen, but I trust that God is going to find a way”.

Imagine how Moses felt when he was called to lead his people out of Egypt. Or how Noah felt when he was instructed to build the ark. Or what the disciples were thinking going head-first into unknown cities preaching the gospel, often knowing their lives were on the line.

God often calls his people to do crazy things. He puts them against the odds. Because when those “impossible” dreams turn into reality, he gets that much more glory.

Last week at Passion, Louie Giglio boldly stated that he believed 40,000 broke college kids could raise over 1 million dollars towards the fight against slavery. Crazy. Impossible. Charities exist for years without ever coming close to making that much money. The economy sucks. These kids can barely afford to go to school. Guess what? Louie was bold, trusted God, relied on God’s power and boldly stated he believed that it could be done.

Over 3 million dollars was raised within 4 days.

I want to encourage you guys to not shy away from those big dreams that God is sharing with you. It’s not all on you. In fact, NONE of it is on you. God is working through you. You’re not Rambo. You’re not Vince Young against USC in the Rose Bowl. You are not a one man team. You are not going head first into battle alone facing insurmountable odds. You might be facing some big time challenges, and you might be the only man in the battle, but God is standing right behind you.

Go for it. Don’t back down.


Jonathan Ramoutar is a follower of Christ who is passionate about the church’s role in culture and male leadership. He is also an avid fan of the NFL (Tampa Bay Bucs) and NBA (Miami Heat).