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I have to travel the world.

I don’t foresee Quarterlife Man ever having a “permanent” office. One year leases at most. The reason being? I am never satisfied and I can’t sit in one place (ask my parents–––they’ll certainly tell you). Furthermore, I have way too many presuppositions about the rest of the world:

I think all of Central America looks like the part of that movie where they drove the Hummer through the slums of a Latin American village (I thought it was Rush Hour 1/2/3/47, but Google says I am dead wrong. Any help?)

I think China is all rice paddies and fake Apple stores.

I think Japan is all rice paddies and real Apple stores.

I think Africa is all mud huts and deserts.

Russia is a snowy, radioactive wasteland; India is dirt; France is awesome. I don’t know why, but my brain shapes these biases. I suppose it’s a byproduct of being raised as an American in the suburbs. Ask me about Starbucks, speed bumps, or respecting yellow lights and I GOT THIS. Outside of that, I need a little culturing.


1. The Maldives


I love the Maldives.

Located off the southern coast of India, the Maldives are God’s gift to mankind. Though the Maldives are inclusive of 1190 islands, only 200 are inhabited, and 99 are “resort islands.” The crystal clear water and vast nothingness are the perfect spot to get away. It’s also a treasured honeymooning spot too (I know–––I looked at the Maldives’ promotional images for this article… and they’re all honeymooning couples).

On the islands, they also take Fridays and Saturdays off. These are my kind of people.


2. The French Riviera

Côte d’Azur? Oui. Oui. Parlez-vous Francais? Non? Fine, we’ll go English for this one:

This is a trip I have desperately wanted to take since my first French course many, many years ago. Extending along the southern coast of France, you’ve got your pick of destinations like Saint Tropez, Nice, and Cannes.

The French Riviera is the perfect balance of old world charm and beachside travel.


3. Dubai, United Arab Emirates


I really wanted to put Mumbai, India onto the list here, but considering I would probably have to fly into Mumbai to get to the Maldives anyway, I’ll skip it for the sake of redundancy. Did you know it would take 3.5 days and 9352 miles of driving around the Arabian Sea to get from Mumbai to Dubai? Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, Dubai is such an interesting place. I spent the better part of four years tracking it throughout business school, with each passing year increasing my desire to make the trip. It has exploded into a hub for business and leisure, and is now know as the 8th-most visited city in the world. Dubai has also gained recognition as having the world’s largest skyline, including Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest tower.


4. Central Africa


I want to pet a baby elephant. I want to pet a baby elephant. I want to pet a baby elephant.

This choice is definitely mission based. In thinking about this, I tried to discern the area that, a) is most different, and b) a place where I look the most different. Although I have a heart for serving the people of the Americas or Asia, I will let you draw the lines: a preppy white man living in Florida (née Michigan) probably sticks out the most in Uganda.


5. The Holy Land

To step where Jesus stepped. Can you imagine anything better? Also, for the sake of completion, let’s add the Churches of Revelation (Turkey) onto this list.

The downside here is that Israeli affairs only seem to be getting more unstable, so throw me a riot vest and let’s go. It’s unfortunate too; this is one of those places where you’d like to branch out on your own and explore, but that could be potentially dangerous. At any rate, the massive history and tradition entrenched into the Holy Land is too awesome to ignore.


What are your top travel destinations? 

Let us know in the comments below. 

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  • William D.

    Petting a baby elephant would be nice, but I’d personally choose someplace with a nice beach and lots of sun!

  • Jayson Schmidt

    Maybe I am spoiled. With the sun and beach on a daily basis, I suppose I’m always looking for a more interesting trip. Beach and sun can never be overrated though!