Quick Review: The New iPad

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Photo Cred: Apple

It has arrived! The new iPad is now available, and it is as amazing as expected.  Although I am no computer genius, I can appreciate the changes they promised, and how it actually holds up when you use it.

Here’s a rundown of some of the new features:


Retina Display

The display is truly amazing.  My eyes actually had to adjust to just how clear the picture really is.  Photos look more stunning than if they were actually printed out, and I mean photos taken myself, not just the ones they preload to show how great it is.  I can’t possibly stress how beautiful the display is.


4G LTE Data Connection

4G AT LAST!!!!! The 4G connection (I got AT&T) is actually faster than my Wi-Fi connection at home.  YouTube videos load faster than you can watch them, so there is no waiting for the video to preload, and I checked it using videos that I couldn’t even get to load before (Bernhoft’s “C’mon Talk” music video, for example).


Apple A5X Chip

Again, I don’t claim to know the details of how all the inner workings of the chip work, but I can easily see how quickly apps open and load.  There seems to be almost no start up time for an app, and lag seems nonexistent as you jump from app, to game, to document, to video, etc.


In my opinion, “The new iPad” lives up to the expectation.  It is another example of Apple taking things one step further.  Though they may not be the first to do something (multi-tasking, 4G, etc), they always seem to do it the best (just ask all the “other” smartphone users, whose battery doesn’t even begin to compare to that of the iPhone. I’m not naming names… …cough, Android, cough).  Though there are no changes to the appearance, The new iPad is a totally new tablet.

Now, for the gripe… …”The new iPad”?… …really?

I can’t see Steve Jobs having allowed that to fly.  They should have stuck with the “iPad 3″.  Also, this launch seemed to be lacking the hype of previous ones.  I have stood in lines for endless hours before, but this time I was able to simply walk in at 10am, and purchase it.  There have been a few “chinks in the armor”, since the passing of Steve Jobs (the crashing servers during the iPhone 4s preorders, and during the iPhone 4s activations, the crashing servers with Siri, the cheesy names…).

It will be interesting to see how long Apple holds its place as leader (which I believe it is) in the technological world, without Steve Jobs.  He was known for running an extremely tight ship, and having the last say on all products before launch. Though he succeeded in pushing them ahead, I hope he also succeeded in training others to continue the vision.

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