Three Thoughts on the Pinterest Effect

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We’re in big trouble.

You’ve heard of it: it’s called Pinterest, and it’s here to stay. If you’ve been living under a rock, Pinterest is the new social network that launched last August with tremendous success. The premise is simple: you pin an image to one of your pinboards, which is usually centered around a simple, passionate idea (e.g. “weddings” or “my dream home”).

Since launching in August, Pinterest has grown phenomenally, to the rate of over 11,000,000 new visitors per month. This is the same trajectory as Facebook, so chances are all of your female friends (and some of the guys too) are already on board. In fact, Pinterest drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined. They’ve also secured $27 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz, with a company valuation of $200 million.

What does this mean for us? Three thoughts:


1. We’re in trouble.

Circling back to my original thought, we’re in trouble. Women everywhere are creating their fairytale weddings, homes, and even baked goods (I’m serious). This creates a problem. There are a bunch of women that are idealizing their futures, which is dangerous. Their posts are filled with, “if only I had this” or “if I had the money.”

To counteract this behavior, you need to be the ultra-man. You need to be so manly that she can’t help it. “How do you do that,” you ask? Rely on Jesus, 100%. If your only concerns are heavenly things, her only concerns will be heavenly things. You set the tempo. If she doesn’t follow, find a new woman to lead.

It’s okay to fantasize about the future… but the only idolization I want my future wife to take part in is with Jesus.


2. We get a cheat sheet.

Yo’ girl got a Pinterest? You just got a massive cheat sheet to providing everything she ever dreamed of.

The perfect meal. The perfect ring. The perfect getaway. It’s all out there in the open thanks to the power of the internet. All you need is a quick glance at a few of her pinboards and you have a great opportunity to give her those things she absolutely desires.

It also raises the stakes too: surely she’s not oblivious to this fact, so you better be the best boyfriend/fiance/husband ever.


3. It’s actually… somewhat fun.

As of very recently, Quarterlife Man has a Pinterest. For article publication purposes, we deemed it very important to disseminate our content to the fastest rising social network–––especially because a decent percentage of our readership is women. There’s also a void in the space for manly-man content (see: Board of Man). As a result, we’ve created six boards:


  • Man Stuff: The cool things a man needs.
  • Man Media: Our articles, wrapped up in one neat area for viewing.
  • Man Cave: The essentials every man needs in his abode.
  • Man Travel: The places a man should travel.
  • Man Food: Food. Steaks. Red meat. Healthy stuff, too.
  • Man Style: Clothes make the man. We agree.


You won’t see a ton of action on Pinterest; we are merely curating tastes and a feel according to our brand. I’m not sure how women can spend HOURS on the website; I suppose we’re all just wired differently. Anyway, check it out. We’d love to have to follow us… and you might as well be an early-adopter, because pinning is hot, and Pinterest isn’t going anywhere.

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I am the founder of the Quarterlife movement, curating content by day and running a digital agency by night. I am on this planet to call out vision in others. I love Detroit sports and CrossFit. Connect below via social media or by email: jayson (at)