Faithful Servants for a Faithful King.

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God has been showing me His faithfulness in mass amounts these last few days. Now, don’t let that go to say that He isn’t faithful each and every single second of every day; it’s just these last 120 hours Abba has been flooding me with tangible sights of His faithfulness.

It is overwhelming… to be loved so much by the King. But, as I sat thanking Him for His faithfulness, something caught my attention.

[box_light]Faith-ful: adhering firmly and devotedly, as to a person, idea, or cause. having or full of faith. worthy of trust or belief; reliable.[/box_light]

Am I faithful to Christ?

I speak of God’s faithfulness and praise Him for this astounding character trait He is full of; but how often am I applying this same trait to my own self? To BE faithful, to be worthy of trust. God simply asks for my love and my trust. Am I really worthy of His?

So often in our journeys with Christ it’s a very one sided type of relationship. I don’t think we mean it to be, but how often are we always applying certain things to God and not ourselves?

I know I personally struggle with self control and trusting Jesus. Each day I have to surrender myself at the foot of the Cross and trust God. I have no reason not to! Because He, and He alone, is truly faithful. And yet, I pray and ask for God to use me as His servant; His hands and feet. I am essentially asking my Father to trust me with my life decisions and the reaching the hearts of His children. Am I even displaying any signs of being worthy of His trust?

Now I know that no matter what I do or choose God is in control of each and every soul–––but I’m saying at the simplest form of it all, I am asking God to trust me to do His work. I’m sorry if this writing is posed with more questions than answers. This whole idea has really been rattling around in my brain recently. I challenge you to step back and examine your own heart. Take a deep look at your own faithfulness to your friends, your family; most importantly dive deep into your faithfulness to God and His call.

I have decided and resolved to live a life after Christ that shows Him I am worthy of trust and belief. I am thankful for God’s faithfulness; it’s time I was faithful unto Christ as He is to me.

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