Monday Rundown: Is In Primetime (Again)

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It’s Monday, and if you’re new to Quarterlife Man (welcome), you’re new to the Monday Rundown. The Monday Rundown is a compendium of  randomness compiled over the course of each week. Enjoy…

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––We’re in Primetime, Again:

Two weeks in a row. Hoorah.

I was in Atlanta over the weekend and didn’t have a chance to queue up the post before today, so enjoy:


––Monday Rundown: Also Thanks You For The Break

Just a quick thank you from the staff of writers at QM… we took the last week off and used it as a great time to get caught up in other areas, prepare for the future, and enjoy time with family and friends.

It doesn’t happen often (this is the first time we took a week’s break), but thanks for understanding.


––Welcome: Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower is now officially the tallest building in New York City. After securing a beam at a height of 1271 feet, the Freedom Tower gained the city’s height record from the Empire State Building. It is the second time the Empire State Building has lost the height record (the first was to the original WTC towers).

Here are 11 beautiful Instagrams of New York City’s tallest building (courtesy of Mashable):

Freedom Tower

Also check out this imagery of the New York City skyline restored.


––Self-Destructing Siri…

Check out this video of Siri self-destructing herself after three incorrect passcode attempts. Hilarious.


––11 Best Campaign Slogans Ever

As we inch toward election day in November, check out the 11 best campaign slogans ever. QM’s personal favorite, from Henry Clay (1844):

“Who Is James Polk?”



––We Leave You With This.

A drunk driver. How he did not kill somebody is unfathomable.

[NSFW: language]

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