Monday Rundown: Pays Tribute to Lazy Sunday

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It’s Monday, and if you’re new to Quarterlife Man (welcome), you’re new to the Monday Rundown. The Monday Rundown is a compendium of  randomness compiled over the course of each week. Enjoy…

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––Terahertz Wi-Fi?

Terahertz Wi-Fi is super cool. Why? How about this: Japanese scientists have achieved speeds of 3GB/s and are capable of 100GB/s. Whatttttt.

That’s 20 times the speed of current wifi if you’re keeping score at home. All we have to say is… sign us up. We want to upload and download large files!


––Looking to Launch?

Here are some great tips for raising startup capital, courtesy of Zain Jaffer, CEO of Vungle. Spoiler alert:

  1. Be hungry.
  2. Adjust your mindset.
  3. Have integrity.
  4. Maintain confidentiality.
  5. Have a big vision.
  6. Target a big market.
  7. Know how to frame the product.


––Lazy Sunday II

Lazy Sunday is back. Known as one of the first videos to vault YouTube into the place that it is today, the duo of Chris Parnell and Andy Samberg have created a sequel to the original Lazy Sunday. Watch and laugh as they continue to rap about mundane weekend activities:


––Goodbye, Kristen Wiig

Keeping with the SNL love… on Saturday, Saturday Night Live cast member Kristen Wiig performed her last show. Kristen always had so many great characters on the show (like Gilly, pictured below). Click here to read an article from BuzzFeed on the 30 Unforgettable Kristen Wiig Characters.


––We Leave You With This.

This little girl is a genius. She’s the youngest-ever member of MENSA. She has to poop… on live national television. Only time will tell how this young prodigy will forever be remembered, but for now, it’s this:

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