Apple Unveils New Macbooks, OS X Mountain Lion, iOS 6

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Today, Apple CEO Tim Cook delivered the keynote address of the company’s 2012 Worldwide Developers Conference. During the event, Apple announced updated Macbooks across the board (including a slimmer, “flagship” Macbook Pro), OS X Mountain Lion, and iOS 6.


Updated Macbooks

The most noteworthy is a new lineup of Macintosh laptops, including a revamped MacBook Air, the lightest of the computers, and a thinner, more powerful MacBook Pro.

“Today we’ve updated the entire MacBook line with faster processors, graphics, memory, flash storage and USB 3 connectivity,” said Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing.

“We’ve made the world’s best portable family even better and we think users are going to love the performance advances in both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro.”

The high-performance MacBook Pro will include the so-called retina display used on the new iPads, giving an extra high resolution screen.

“It is simply the best computer Apple has ever made,” Schiller said.

The New 15" Macbook Pro
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Source: AFP


OS X Mountain Lion

The new Mac operating system, which will release in July for $19.99, is packed with a slew of features. The update brings apps and popular features from the iPad and iPhone to the Mac, with 100 new capabilities from iChat functionality to updates in the Safari browser.

For example, Mountain Lion incorporates Notes, Reminders, and Game Center to the Mac, as well as Notification Center, Share Sheets, Twitter integration, AirPlay Mirroring and Dictation.

iCloud Tabs, a new feature in Safari, will show all tabs open in Safari on all other iOS devices and Macs logged in to the same iCloud account. Safari also gains a unified search/address bar into its’ interface (finally).

Power Nap is another new feature, and it will carry out functions while a Mac is charging and sleeping. New emails will be downloaded, Time Machine will automatically run, app updates will be applied and other actions will be carried out with Power Nap. This will be available on the new ultra-thin MacBook Pro (announced today) and second-generation and later MacBook Airs.

Source: MacRumors


iOS 6

Siri can now launch apps and tweet. Siri is smart about sports. It can pull in scores, game summaries and player stats. Siri integrates with Yelp and OpenTable for restaurant reviews and reservations. Siri in iOS 6 will also integrate with Rotten Tomatoes for movie times and reviews. Siri is also available in a slew of new languages and will get hands-free integration in lots of in-car systems. Also (wait for it)… Siri is coming to the new iPad.

There is also deep Facebook integration in iOS 6. Users can login to their Facebook account in iOS 6 and have instant access to Facebook in apps, the web browser and Siri. Developers can also easily add access within their apps. Facebook contacts, events, and birthdays will all sync into your iPhone.

iOS 6
Photo: Wired

Other features:


  • VIP mail: will highlight mail from people you really want to hear from.
  • Passbook: Imagine a location-enabled Google Wallet. It collects all of your loyalty cards, ticket information and other info into one neat place for easy access. What’s more, it will prompt your apps (like the Starbucks app) to open with a swipe when you actually enter Starbucks. Passbook looks gorgeous and will certainly make life easier.
  • Apple Maps: Out with the old (Google) and in with the new. Apple’s own mapping app features new maps (of course), flyover, and turn-by-turn navigation. From what we could see, Apple’s done this very, very well.


Developers will get the beta version tomorrow. Customers will see iOS 6 in the fall (with the new iPhone!!!!!).

Source: Mashable


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