3 Things That Happen When You Find Your Future Wife

Whether we’re conscious of it or not, each of us spends a fair amount of time looking for our future wife. Maybe it’s because we think a man isn’t a man unless he’s gotten a woman to agree to marry him. Or maybe it’s because we don’t want to be alone for the rest of our life. Regardless, quite a bit of time and energy can be put into the search for the future Mrs. You.

For some of us, this is a self-assigned mission, steeped in heartache and error-filled trials; for others, it’s an itch in the back of our brains, a passing thought of fancy that flitters in and out of our brainwaves from time to time. And whether the search is a full-time obsession or a shrug of the shoulders, what few of us fail to consider is what will happen (or not happen) once we do find the one woman we want to spend the rest of our days with.

Therein lies the majesty of the unknown.

For the sake of complete transparency, you should know that I’ve already found the woman who will soon be my wife. And I’m not just saying that in faith. I presented her a ring and she was kind enough to say yes to a lifetime with me. So when I speak of what’s to follow, I speak from a place of experience and truth, not misguided hopes and unfulfilled dreams.

First, you should know that when you find your one true love, things will change. Your life and way of thinking will change. And more importantly, you will change, as a person, a soul, and a man. But you aren’t being forced to change by her. No, she will love you just as you are, unaltered and raw. Instead, it’s that complete love that will make you want to change. You’ll want to be more considerate and thoughtful. You’ll want to be more responsible and mindful of her wants and needs. You’ll even find yourself smiling more, with no rhyme or reason to explain it. That one woman is a changer and whether you realize it now or not, she will change you from top to bottom without offering a single suggestion or passive aggressive thought. You will want to change because you know she deserves the absolute best version of yourself. And that’s what you’ll strive to give her.

Second (and this is important), when you meet your future wife, you’ll look back on the time you spent as a single chap and you’ll be able to rightly see every single mistake you made in this vicious fight known as romance. You’ll see how foolish and/or desperate you were. You’ll see the missteps and the mistakes. You’ll see where you tried too hard and when you didn’t try hard enough. You’ll see why things didn’t work out with that one girl, even though you were sure they would. You’ll see why you failed in love before because this love you have now will be impossible to compare against. [quote]You’ll see why you failed in love before because this love you have now will be impossible to compare against. [/quote]You’ll see that those past relationships couldn’t have lasted because they didn’t have what you have now. You weren’t complete in those past partners the way you are now. Through everything you’ve experienced and fought against, this love—this completeness—allows you to see why you fell short so many times before. It’s because it wasn’t with her. She’s the reason it works now and she’s the reason you know this is now forever.

Lastly, when you meet the woman you’ll marry, you’ll begin to work. And I don’t mean in the way that earns a paycheck or promotion. No, you’ll begin to work at this relationship in ways you never knew love required. Because you realize that her saying yes to your proposal isn’t the end of your journey, but only the beginning.

You’ve found her, but now you have to keep her. And through this given wisdom, you’ll realize that to make this wonderful, mesmerizing, beautiful gift work, you’re going to have to work and sweat and bleed. Because while love feels easy and breezy, it’s not. It’s a beast that requires work and struggle. And yet, while you work to make this relationship as strong as you can, you’ll do it with a smile and joyful step. Because even though you’re working and working and working, it’s with your best friend and the work isn’t a job, but a privilege.

The Bible says that he who finds a wife, finds a good thing (Proverbs 18:22). And once you find this one woman who captures you heart, mind, and soul, you’ll know it to be true.

If you haven’t found your one true love yet, don’t be discouraged. Personally, I had to grow through a failed marriage and numerous failed loves and relationships to find the woman who made it all worth the fight. So don’t give up, do not surrender. Just be prepared for the day that you do find her, you will change, you will be made wise, and you will begin to work. This I promise you.

5 Replies to “3 Things That Happen When You Find Your Future Wife”

  1. As a sidenote…unfortunately, there is a shortage of Christian men. So for men, it’s a “fish in a barrel” situation, and for women it’s a “needle in a haystack” situation. So to the men who are searching, weigh your options carefully. After all, there are plenty of fish in the sea…for you.

    1. Nicole, I think there are plenty of “Christian men” out there, but the real question is, where are the ones who have the fire of God living inside them? From either perspective, I think men and women need to be very careful. There are plenty of ‘suitable spouses’ walking around out there, but God doesn’t want to give us a good marriage. He wants to give us extraordinary!

      1. That’s actually more what I meant, Jayson. 🙂 Where are the men who are passionate for God? Not half-hearted, but God-fearing followers of Christ. Also, I live in the Bronx, so selection is limited. If I lived elsewhere, perhaps things would be different. Oh well! God will bring the right man in His timing. I’m in no rush.

        1. Wow am impressed with your question! Would to God that MORE would think along THOSE lines versus being comfortable with worldliness and carnality. GBY you Nicole! Keep that heart for God!

  2. I really enjoyed this article, however to those reading, the use of “true love” is not analogous to “soul mate” because although your life has been planned out for you by a God whose love is absolute and true, you won’t magically find someone who will fill all your wants and needs and live a “happily ever after” life together as projected in many Disney movies. Think about all the relationships you had and how many of them you gave your heart to sincerely believing you loved them, and you did for a time. OR consider all the marriages that couples were so sure he or she was “the one” that end in divorce. These things require hard work and love as already mentioned. Just remember that God already knows how things play out, who you will love, who you will not end up with. Hopefully you end up with Him, but as for a wife or husband, remember to put God first and use your relationship to glorify him because He is true love.

    For the single people reading this, remember that it is definitely OKAY to be single. Do not give in to societal pressure that you MUST be in a relationship because being single is looked “negatively” as if you do not exist without someone. Remember that your identity is found in Christ NOT in anything (i.e. relationships) else. Use your singleness to grow closer to the God that loves you MORE than any created being can. If you are struggling with being single or even if you are struggling with relationships and marriage, trust everything to God, pray and do everything for God and what he’s blessed you with (be it singleness, a significant other, children, family, friends, career, etc.)

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