Monday Rundown: Wants Cycle Skates

It’s Monday, and if you’re new to Quarterlife Man (welcome), you’re new to the Monday Rundown. The Monday Rundown is a compendium of  randomness compiled over the course of each week. Enjoy…

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––5 Ways The World Might End In The Mayan Apocalypse:

From the pages of funny/entertaining, is this article from Fact or Faked about the five ways the Mayans could be right. Sorry to ruin it for you, but: supervolcanoes, asteroid impact, solar storm, planetary alignment, and ice age.


––Is Your Resume Clear?

According to some research done by The Ladders, a recent eye-tracking study shows what recruiters look at during the six seconds they spend looking at your resume.  According to TheLadders research, recruiters spend an average of  “six seconds before they make the initial ‘fit or no fit’ decision” on candidates.

Knowing this, your resume should be as clear as possible… and you should cut out all of the junk. The study showed recruiters will look at your name, current title and company, current position start and end dates, previous title and company, previous position start and end dates, and education



––From the Lacrosse Field:

The best lacrosse team ever (your mighty Palm Beach Atlantic University Sailfish) clinched a share of the SELC South Division championship and are moving on to the conference tournament in Atlanta. It’s probably the coaching.

Also, who thought that Loyola would be the overwhelming #1 on April 16th? Or UMass #2? If you did, you get a treat.


––Why Don’t These Exist Anymore?

Cycle skates. Yes.


––Spring is fireball season. Who Knew?

Read more about it here.


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Monday Rundown: Teaches Patience

Monday Rundown

It’s Monday, and if you’re new to Quarterlife Man (welcome), you’re new to the Monday Rundown. The Monday Rundown is a compendium of  randomness compiled over the course of each week. Enjoy…

[As always, if you’ve seen something crazy or have a suggestion, email us or tell us on Twitter (@QuarterlifeMan).]


––You Are Learning Patience:

I bet you’re wondering what’s going on. (Sometimes I do that, too, in general.) Here’s the story: in addition to being founder and fearless leader of Quarterlife Man, I am also the Director of Operations and an assistant coach for men’s lacrosse at Palm Beach Atlantic University. Most of the time, this balance of two loves (reaching people for Jesus and lacrosse) works pretty well. Sometimes (like this past week), it doesn’t.

As it happens, we are hosting the Sailfish Shootout, one of the premiere regular season tournaments in college lacrosse at our level. I am on a lacrosse field for full days at a time, so this week has been and will be a little crazy. In addition, many of my writers are vacationing this week, so expect a lighter week, content-wise.


––Who Didn’t See This Coming?:

The Chevy Volt will be discontinued on a short-term basis, due to low sales. Surprised? I’m not sure who could be surprised… especially giving the starting sticker price above $40k. Given governmental help with the Volt and its’ development, I hope this further stacks the deck toward development purely in the private sector.


––Today’s News From The Future:

Last week, I mentioned a scary little invention called robot bees. This week, we have equal craziness, including:




––Also from the Future of Tech:

Gigabit internet. As in, downloading a two-hour movie in five seconds, gigabit internet. It is the center of an entrepreneurial competition in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where investors are soliciting ideas for what to do with the high-speed connection. How cool is that?

Also, if you’re interested in ponying up for the 1-gigabit-per-second service, that’ll cost you a cool $350/month. (Part of me is willing to justify that cost)


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5 Tips For Being More Effective

1. Segment Yourself

As the founder of a flourishing men’s lifestyle website and the director of operations for a college lacrosse program, I typically don’t have the most free time. This can be a problem. In addition, when you add in a social life and multiple men’s groups/bible studies, life can get crazy. To counteract this, I will spend two hours maximum on any given project.

I pray and write; then I do some recruiting; then I do some business development and contract work; then I head to lacrosse practice; then I go to bible study. Et cetera. There is freedom in segmenting yourself.

This reminds me of some of the courses I took in business school. At the end of these courses, I would write a 20-page paper and it was like pulling teeth. Why? Because I waited. And waited. And waited. Before I knew it, it was crunch time, and that meant writing all twenty pages in one sitting. Ouch. Wouldn’t it have been nicer if I had segmented myself?


2. Identify Your Strengths

Know what you’re good at.

Are you a planner? Are you great with numbers? Is creativity your forte? Pinpoint your impact zone and hone in on how that area makes you successful. If you’re not completely focused on the areas that truly make you valuable, you might be missing out.

Your strengths are not everything. You can’t possibly be strong in every area. For example: Last year, I was pegged to lead a youth ministry band. Despite my ministry training, I didn’t know a thing about music; it was a disaster. Which leads me to the next point…


3. Know When You’re In Trouble

Know what you’re bad at.

As an intern in a church, we called this being “consciously incompetent.” It wasn’t a slight by any means, but rather an objective judgment that said, “I am admitting my faults in this area.” After witnessing the  youth ministry band experiment, we eventually found somebody much more musically-inclined. It relieved me of great stress and show me a new area of ministry to focus on.

Despite any and all self-depreciation, this technique allowed me to get better in areas that I was deficient. Also, it showed me that God’s strength is found in my weakness… so it helps to know where those weaknesses are.


4. Enlist The Help Of Others

If you’re having difficulties, find some help. For many, it’s an ego-breaker to ask others for help, but it’s crucial to becoming more effective.

Many times, we have issues relenting control and that control-issue stems from the idea that others can’t do it as well as we can. I’ll step to the front of the line on this one, but I think we’re incorrect. Hoarding power and duties only bogs us down as leaders.

When we let others take the reigns, we give them the opportunity to grow. Instead of half-heartedly completing a task that you’re too busy for, you might give somebody else an opportunity to flourish with new freedom. I often forget that my very opportunity to grow as a leader was founded by somebody giving me an opportunity to take the reigns. I would not be where I am today if I never had that chance, so I am working to give these opportunities as much as I can.

As a bonus, consider new ideas and chances to create a task or leadership position for others. Your faith in them as a growing leader could be enough to foster growth in them and in that new task.


5. Pray

Above all else, pray.

If you can realize, through prayer, that there is a GIGANTIC God out there… everything else seems… less significant. And that’s a good thing.

Monday Rundown: Wakes From A Coma.

––Comatose: If you’re wondering where my boring musings went for a week, I was at the boat show in Lauderdale. And it was great. But it was impossible to write during that 70+ hour week. And then I went comatose due to lack of sleep. And then we got an extra hour of sleep due to Daylight Savings Time. And then it didn’t matter because I was awake at 5:00am to coach PBA at a tournament in Melbourne. Comatose. Maybe I’ll catch up next weekend? Next year? When I retire? When I’m dead or when Jesus comes back to embrace me in his arms? Continue reading “Monday Rundown: Wakes From A Coma.”

Monday Rundown: Plays Second Fiddle

Today’s Rundown doesn’t get its’ fair share of lovin’, but rightly so. Today is the launch of DEVIANT: Be a Real Man, a new series, and I’m really excited about it. Without further adieu:

––Coaching Virgin: On Saturday, I triumphantly kicked off my collegiate coaching career in the smallest of small fall scrimmages, this one against the Palm Beach men’s team. PB Men’s is a post-collegiate club team, and we beat them in overtime, 11-10. As our first time against someone other than ourselves, it was a pretty good effort. We jumped out to an early lead and held it into the second half, but also showed resiliency after trailing by three in the fourth quarter. This team should be excellent once we are more well-seasoned. We have another scrimmage on Tuesday against a local U-19 program (7:30pm in Lake Worth). Continue reading “Monday Rundown: Plays Second Fiddle”

Monday Rundown: Jan 24 2011

This is the first Monday Rundown.  This post is intended to be a “week in review” type of entry, but it will also be a general repository of useless things or things that I find funny.  Without further adieu…..

––Four Loko YouTube Craziness: The so-called “blackout in a can” is causing a strange phenomenon.  Users on YouTube are posting their Four Loko feats to the internet and are seeing high views as a result.  User “RustySythe” posted this video where he bongs two Four Lokos in ten seconds, to the tune of 140,000+ views.  A search of “shotgun Fout Loko” yields 285 results, including one from this University of Arizona genius, who shotgunned three Four Lokos in two minutes (and then vomited uncontrollably for approximately ten seconds).  It’s only inevitable that someone’s near-death Four Loko experience will make it onto YouTube next.  I’m not sure I agree with it, but it sure is entertaining (especially this hilarious Dom Mazzetti video). Continue reading “Monday Rundown: Jan 24 2011”