Turn In Your Arms, The Government Will Take Care Of You

Late last month two billboards appeared in Greeley, Colorado in which an image of three Native Americans are used to make a gun rights argument, and a controversy has arisen over the perceived insensitive nature of the message. For those who don’t know the back story of the plight of Native Americans, making light of atrocities the federal government committed against Native Americans may not be the best way to argue against gun regulations, although the lessons of history are definitely valuable, so perhaps this sort of billboard will at least start some discussion on the matter.

To summarize for those who may not know the history (because it’s not really taught in schools anymore), on December 29, 1890 at Wounded Knee Creek in South Dakota, the U.S. 7th Cavalry Regiment went into a camp to disarm the Lakota Indians that had been corralled there during the mass indian relocations of the late 1800’s.

In the years prior to the massacre, the U.S. Government had been taking the lands of the Lakota, forcing them to surrender their ancestral homes, and be relocated to other reservations to make way for white settlers. This band of Lakota was not where they where supposed to be according to the U.S. Government. One version of events claims that during the process of disarming the Lakota at wounded knee, a deaf tribesman named Black Coyote was reluctant to give up his rifle, claiming he had paid a lot for it. A scuffle over his rifle escalated and an accidental shot was fired which resulted in the 7th Cavalry’s opening fire indiscriminately with a Hotchkiss gun (a revolving barrel machine gun), and rifles, killing men, women, and children, as well as some of their own fellow troopers.

A few Lakota warriors who still had weapons began shooting back at the attacking troopers, who quickly suppressed the Lakota fire. The surviving Lakota fled, but U.S. cavalrymen pursued and killed many who were unarmed. By the time it was over, at least 150 men, women, and children of the Lakota had been killed and 51 wounded (4 men, 47 women and children, some of whom died later); some estimates placed the number of dead at 300. To add insult to this atrocity, the Army awarded twenty Medals of Honor, it’s highest honor to the solders who butchered the Lakota. To date the US government has refused to rescind the awards.

The lesson to learn here is that the Lakota where disarmed out of fear, not for anything they had done wrong. It should be noted that during the course of the indian wars of the 1800s, there was not a single act of violence perpetrated by Native Americans in the Dakotas. In every instance of violence, it was the US Government that was the instigator. Former Pine Ridge Indian agent Valentine T. McGillycuddy stated in a letter to General Leonard W. Colby in 1891, “No citizen in Nebraska or Dakota has been killed, molested or can show the scratch of a pin, and no property has been destroyed off the reservation.” So basically, every tragic death in this time was an unwarranted attack by the U.S. Government against it’s own people.

So while the debate of political correctness over the billboard will surely continue, the underlying message will probably go largely unmentioned. Those who say that the government would never seize your guns will conveniently ignore the times they did just that in the past, including those times in recent history. Typically a societal reaction based on fear and ignorance, resulting in meaningless laws that will do nothing to curb the violence perpetrated by those who choose to ignore them. It is not just about our right to own guns, it about our willingness to surrender that right or not, even in the slightest amount. Because at the end of the day if we are willing to surrender our liberties in this matter, regardless of the degree, what else are we willing to surrender?

Election 2012: The Reason I Am Disappointed, Yet Faithful

We are now twelve hours into the aftermath of Barack Obama’s clinching of the 2012 Presidential Election and I feel like most of us are still in a haze (not that kind of haze, Colorado). Some are angry, some are joyful. Some are disappointed. I am in that camp… but I am also faithful. Here’s why:


Mitt Romney is a genuinely good man.

Forget anything anybody ever said about Mitt Romney not caring about “the little guy” or the 47% percent that do not pay taxes. It’s not true. I genuinely believe that Mitt Romney is a patriot that has America’s best interests at heart. I campaigned for Mitt in 2008 and I got to know him (as a candidate) very well while everybody was on the McCain/Huckabee/Giuliani buses. I got to work for him multiple times while campaigning in Boca Raton and let me tell you: he cares.

Unfortunately, the Obama campaign did a great job of painting “the rich guy” as a heartless, emotionless, bag of money that was unrelatable. My biggest disappointment is not that Barack Obama is our president for another four years, but that the American people will not see the goodness of Mitt Romney.

They won’t see a country that champions small business. They won’t see a country that seeks energy independence. They won’t see a country that cracks down on Chinese trade and encourages doing business with Latin America. They won’t see a country that is the hope of the world, or the city on a hill. Therein lies the disappointment.


Moving forward, I am faithful

Thankfully, we don’t put our hope in the temporal.

So we don’t look at the troubles we can see now; rather, we fix our gaze on things that cannot be seen. For the things we see now will soon be gone, but the things we cannot see will last forever.
–2 Corinthians 4:18

We put our hope beyond presidents and governors and senators with measly two, four, or six year terms–––we put our hope in Jesus. And he is undefeated. Unlike politicians of past/present/future, he has never lost.

The Master declares, “I’m A to Z. I’m The God Who Is, The God Who Was, and The God About to Arrive. I’m the Sovereign-Strong.”
–Revelation 1:8 

So we move on. We love and support. Everyone. Including President Obama.

Remind the believers to submit to the government and its officers. They should be obedient, always ready to do what is good. They must not slander anyone and must avoid quarreling. Instead, they should be gentle and show true humility to everyone.

Once we, too, were foolish and disobedient. We were misled and became slaves to many lusts and pleasures. Our lives were full of evil and envy, and we hated each other. But—“When God our Savior revealed his kindness and love, he saved us, not because of the righteous things we had done, but because of his mercy. He washed away our sins, giving us a new birth and new life through the Holy Spirit.
–Titus 3:1-5 

What is our greatest command? Love God, love people. We can’t do that if we’re too busy bickering over a now passed election or about a leader that doesn’t believe in fiscal responsibility like we do. There is hope in the future when we have faith in a big, big God.

Instead of sharing your petty political views on Facebook (because who has ever changed their mind after reading your status, anyway?), let’s rise to our calling as Christ followers. Let’s move forward, like the very campaign slogan of our Democrat champion, and pursue an America that follows Jesus over party line.

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It’s Time For God’s Election

Someone remind me, isn’t there something going on Tuesday? I feel like I’m forgetting something.

It’s nearly impossible not to be aware of the fact that the elections are this Tuesday. Everywhere you turn, you are confronted by signs, commercials, billboards, and people who all want to remind you to vote and know who you are going to vote for.

Let me begin by saying that I believe it is a good thing to vote. Be aware of what is being discussed, debated, and base your vote on what you believe to be right.

However, in our country today, there is a tendency to rely too much on politics. We act as though whoever is in office after Tuesday will either save our country, or lead us to ruin. I want to submit the idea that we place to much faith in those in office. It is not political powers which should shape our culture. We should not rely on those in office to care for the poor. We should not expect those who run our country to be at the forefront of taking care of the environment. We should not hope that the next president will be our salvation.

It is time that the Church steps up and begins taking the lead in the issues of our world. We can no longer pass off responsibility and wait for the government to solve our problems.

I want to first offer some encouragement, and then a challenge.



No matter who wins the election, God is in control. No matter who is in office, God reigns. The fate of our country, and the fate of every individual rest only in the hands of our Creator.



No matter who is in office… no matter what is decided politically… our responsibility does not change. It is the church… the believer… who is to care for the poor, to tend to our planet, and to reach out to the world in love. We are called to tend to the issues we so often pass off as being the responsibility of government.



Know the issues, and vote for the one you believe will be best (even if it is the lesser of two evils), but more than anything know God is in control and our responsibility does not change. Know that the Church has been given the amazing blessing and responsibility to play a role in shaping the world in which we live. Know that no matter what the government does we should strive to care for those who are in need, to empower those who have been neglected, to protect those who can not stand up for themselves, and to live a life which serves as a shining example of the unfathomable love of Christ.

May we pray for whoever the Lord has destined to take office.

May we be respectful of whoever the Lord places in power.

But, above all, may we embrace the privilege of serving our God by serving those around us.

May we be at the forefront of change.

And, may we find peace and comfort in the truth that God is in control.

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Monday Rundown: Encourages Fall Weather

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––Awesome Leadoff Video:

Did you miss last week’s Presidential Debate? Here’s a synopsis:


––From Florida: Give Us Fall

From what I hear, everybody’s freezing… except, you know, in Florida. Recently, we’ve had record highs in the 90’s with average temperatures hovering near 85–––needless to say, it’s been brutal. Besides spending last weekend in Atlanta and some cold weather luck on #RoadTrip12 in August, we’ve had to grin and bear the high temperatures since March.

Hasn’t it been long enough?

I’m ready for a change, so to all of you northerners: pray for some cooler Florida weather. We will gladly trade you a few degrees in order to break out our sweaters again.


––Do You Understand Social Security?

Many twenty-somethings and college aged people don’t “get” social security, and for the most part, it’s because the service does not affect them. Sure, they pay it out of their income, but outside of that, it’s just something that is “guaranteed for retirement.”

Well, maybe not.

Take a look at this video and form your own conclusions:

 [Ed. note: Go here and look at the video. Fox doesn’t like to make it easy to embed.]


––The iPad Mini is coming (finally)

From Mashable.

[box_light]The Wall Street Journal cites unnamed Chinese suppliers for the report about the 7.85-inch tablets. Apple hasn’t confirmed the launch or existence of such a tablet, but the company is rumored to be planning an Oct. 17 launch event for the product, which has been called the “iPad Mini” by the press.[/box_light]


––We Leave You With This:

Babies eating lemons. Yes!


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Monday Rundown: Bieber Fever of a Different Kind

[box_light] It’s Monday, and if you’re new to Quarterlife Man (welcome), you’re new to the Monday Rundown. The Monday Rundown is a compendium of  randomness compiled over the course of each week. Enjoy… [As always, if you’ve seen something crazy or have a suggestion, email us or tell us on Twitter (@QuarterlifeMan).] [/box_light] [divider]

––Crazy Leadoff Video:

As Americans we think we’re pretty crazy about our sports fandom. In soccer-loving countries, they throw grenades. Check out how close this player was to losing an arm:

From the YouTube description:

[box_light]Sepahan midfielder Adel Kolahkaj picked up a small, black object and tossed it away from the pitch. Turns out that object was some kind of mini grenade or firecracker, which exploded upon landing, causing the referee and his assistant to run for their lives. No one was hurt in the incident, and the game was cancelled initially but players came back on field after security inspection was made.The police officials are still investigating this matter.[/box_light]


––It’s Election Time

If you’re not a political person… tough cookies; it’s election time. If you really hate it you can skip to the next section–––but I IMPLORE YOU–––be educated about this election. It’s the most important election of your lifetime (until the next one, naturally).

With the first debate just two days away (Wednesday night, 9pm–––on just about any channel you can find), things are getting pretty heated. The owner of the New York Jets said he’d rather have a losing football team if it meant the Romney/Ryan ticket wins this November. We’re looking at the high probability of another recession. And that’s only if things don’t change. In addition, the President is having anti-American leaders like Hugo Chavez saying, “I’d vote for you, and you for me.”

What will you do about it?


––Using Coke to Change The World

[box_light]Diarrhea kills 800,000 kids under the age of five every year–deaths that we can easily avert by administering oral hydration salts and zinc tablets. The challenge is getting the treatment to where it’s needed.

Simon Berry first had the idea for ColaLife in Zambia, in 1988, when he noticed that Coke had the best distribution system in the country. While hospitals ran short of basic medicines, stores in remote locations were always full of fizzy drinks. He thought: Why not piggyback on the network to deliver things families need?[/box_light]

Because why not use the world’s best and biggest distribution channel to have a lasting impact on dying kids?

Read more, here.


––So Long, Replacement Refs

This week was the first week back with our normal NFL referees–––and thank God–––I was getting tired of this:


––We Leave You With This:

It’s Bieber Fever of a different kind. This is Justin Bieber vomiting on stage. Yes.


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Politics And The Church

Photo: Alex Workman

[box_light]Today’s guest post is from Alex Workman. I had the absolute privilege of traveling with him on the 2012 Quarterlife Ultimate Road Trip, so let me tell you–––he’s wicked smaht (we did go to Boston, after all). Please visit his website, www.alexworkman.com, and give him a follow on Twitter. Thanks, –JS[/box_light]

I once had someone tell me that if I would even entertain the thought of voting for a Democrat, I must not be saved. Obviously, I took this irresponsible, emotionally charged comment with no offense, but it does show how the church is distorting who and what we, as believers, are.

We live in a world where in many places Jesus and the Republican party are interchangeable. I know a pastor that has a George Bush bobble-head doll in his office and others who would actively promote the Republican agenda and candidates from the pulpit. I even witnessed someone who made shirts that said “Jesus was a Republican” and I do take offense to that.

Health care is a huge issue in this election, and I am sure we will be hearing about all sorts of other social issues as well. Poverty is not just an issue in Africa and other third-world nations, but also an issue in the United States, the richest country in the world. When Jesus was on this earth, He charged His followers with taking care of the widows and the poor. The sad thing is that the Church doesn’t seem to be doing it.

It should never have been the responsibility of the government to take care of the widows and the poor, but because the Church, in many areas, ignores that call, the government must step in and do so. I remember reading a short article in Relevant Magazine a few years ago. I went back and found it and this is what it said…

The Power of Giving

If Christians had given the traditional 10% tithe of their income to their churches in 2004, instead of the 2.56% that they actually gave, there would have been an additional $164 billion available, according to a report released in October called :The State of Church Giving through 2004.” If the churches chose to funnel just $70-$80 billion of that additional income to missions and humanitarian works, the basic needs of every person on the globe would be provided.

With the Republicans calling for less taxes and a restriction on government programs, the church that is supporting them [GOP], is not fulfilling the need. While there are by far more “yeses” than “nos” in Scripture, it seems to me that all I hear about from mainstream Christianity are the things not to do. I totally agree with small government and decreased taxes, but if the poor and the widows are not being taken care of and if the church is not going to step up, someone else will have to. What kind of message does it send when Christians get up in arms about government sponsored (or mandated) programs while they are not actively living out mandates of scripture.

Yes, there are many amazing churches doing incredible things to serve those in need and by no means is this meant to be a knock on what they are doing. It is about the individual. It is so easy to attend church once a week and write a check. It is our time and energy that is a far greater commodity.

I am interested to see how the church addresses this year’s Presidential race. It is my hope the clergy of our nation do not quickly jump to endorse and/or place the emphasis only on a certain candidate or political party, but rather that they’d be quick to serve and challenge society in the loving way that Jesus did. There is too much division in our nation to have those calling themselves followers of Jesus not living out what they say they believe.

What say you?

Monday Rundown: Gets Ready to Road Trip

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––Awesome Leadoff Video:

And when I say awesome I mean dangerously awesome.

How their boat did not capsize, I have no idea.


––The 2012 Quarterlife Road Trip

2012 Quarterlife Ultimate Road Trip

The 2012 Quarterlife Ultimate Road Trip begins in two days!

24 states, 23 days. We will be traveling the United States via the Megabus, going as far west as Texas and hitting every city in between. The journey begins on Wednesday as we head from Palm Beach to Orlando, and then on to Atlanta. We will be in Atlanta until early Saturday morning, when we head west to Memphis, eventually landing in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio later in the weekend.

Stay tuned. We’ll have tons of updates on the website, in addition to our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.



––The Most Awkward Olympic Parents Ever

That’s American gymnast Aly Raisman’s parents, Lynn and Rick, watching her on the uneven bars.

Equal parts awkward and hilarious. Hopefully, we’ll see their awkwardness again in the finals.


––Why is Taco Bell So Brilliant?


That’s amazing. So is this.


––We Leave You With This:

Hashtag ‘MERRRICA.


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Monday Rundown: Loves Little League Dad Aggression

[box_light] It’s Monday, and if you’re new to Quarterlife Man (welcome), you’re new to the Monday Rundown. The Monday Rundown is a compendium of  randomness compiled over the course of each week. Enjoy… [As always, if you’ve seen something crazy or have a suggestion, email us or tell us on Twitter (@QuarterlifeMan).] [/box_light] [divider]

––Little League Dads Fighting In Georgia:

How have we not made a TV show about feisty Little League dads for some cable network yet?

The fight happened in Columbus, Georgia and further reinforces my thinking about fighting in Georgia: don’t do it. Do you see those men out there? Find one under 250 lbs…


––The Unemployment Rate is Dropping…

for every state that elected a Republican governor in 2010. States like Florida and Michigan saw the biggest decreases (with 2.3 & 2.4 percent, respectively). For some states that elected Democrats (like New York), the unemployment rate is actually up.

More: Obama’s Outsourcing Far Worse Than Romney’s.

More: Summer Bummer, June Jobs Report Disappoints With Only 80k


––Find Wal Mart. Turn into Library.

Look at what folks did to an abandoned Wal Mart store in McAllen, Texas:

[box_light]PSFK points us to the library, which recently won the 2012 Library Interior Design Award. Designed by Meyer Scherer & Rockcastle, Ltd. (the interior) and Boultinghouse Simpson Architects (the exterior), the library is located inside a 124,500 square foot former Walmart store–making it the largest single-story library in the U.S.


The space includes a computer lab, study rooms, study areas for children, teens, and adults, a cafe, an auditorium, a genealogy research area, and more. Library goers apparently love the new design–registration has increased 23% since the revamp earlier this year.[/box_light]


––Panoramic Mars!

A panorama from NASA’s Mars expedition. So cool.


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Monday Rundown: Is In Primetime (Again)

Monday Rundown

It’s Monday, and if you’re new to Quarterlife Man (welcome), you’re new to the Monday Rundown. The Monday Rundown is a compendium of  randomness compiled over the course of each week. Enjoy…

[As always, if you’ve seen something crazy or have a suggestion, email us or tell us on Twitter (@QuarterlifeMan).]


––We’re in Primetime, Again:

Two weeks in a row. Hoorah.

I was in Atlanta over the weekend and didn’t have a chance to queue up the post before today, so enjoy:


––Monday Rundown: Also Thanks You For The Break

Just a quick thank you from the staff of writers at QM… we took the last week off and used it as a great time to get caught up in other areas, prepare for the future, and enjoy time with family and friends.

It doesn’t happen often (this is the first time we took a week’s break), but thanks for understanding.


––Welcome: Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower is now officially the tallest building in New York City. After securing a beam at a height of 1271 feet, the Freedom Tower gained the city’s height record from the Empire State Building. It is the second time the Empire State Building has lost the height record (the first was to the original WTC towers).

Here are 11 beautiful Instagrams of New York City’s tallest building (courtesy of Mashable):

Freedom Tower

Also check out this imagery of the New York City skyline restored.


––Self-Destructing Siri…

Check out this video of Siri self-destructing herself after three incorrect passcode attempts. Hilarious.


––11 Best Campaign Slogans Ever

As we inch toward election day in November, check out the 11 best campaign slogans ever. QM’s personal favorite, from Henry Clay (1844):

“Who Is James Polk?”



––We Leave You With This.

A drunk driver. How he did not kill somebody is unfathomable.

[NSFW: language]

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Monday Rundown: Salutes The Good

It’s Monday, and if you’re new to Quarterlife Man, you’re new to the Monday Rundown. The Monday Rundown is a compendium of  randomness compiled over the course of each week. Enjoy…

[As always, if you’ve seen something crazy or have a suggestion, email us or tell us on Twitter (@QuarterlifeMan).]


––Announcing: Valentine’s Week. Valentine’s Week. Valentine’s Week. Valentine’s Week. Valentine’s Week. Valentine’s Week. Valentine’s Week.

Starting on Tuesday, February 7th, Quarterlife Man will be hosting a week of relationship-related content, culminating on Valentine’s Day one week later. We are so excited to share a multitude of opinions on the subject of relationships, even some from the female perspective. It will be a great week of learning and growing for the readers of QM! Get excited.

––The Most Awesome News Website: Have you ever seen the Good Report? It’s a news website that focuses on “only good news.” How awesome is that? With all of the negativity floating around thanks to the efforts of mainstream media, it’s nice to see somebody aggregate the stories of the world’s good. Speaking of which…

––Canadian Kids Launch Lego Man Into Space: This was an article on the Good Report, courtesy of the Toronto Star.

Lego Man

Basically, these really smart Canadian kids sewed their own parachute, bought a large balloon, and sent it into space. Their goal, to capture imagery from space, was accomplished by positioning several cameras inside of a styrofoam box. The project, which took $400 and four months to complete, sent the box (complete with little Lego man) nearly 15 miles into the atmosphere before gently crashing back down 75 miles from the original launch site.

“It shows a tremendous degree of resourcefulness,” says Dr. Michael Reid, a University of Toronto astrophysics professor. Noting that similar projects had been undertaken by PhD students, he said, “For two 17-year-olds to accomplish this on their own is pretty impressive.”

––Cat Facts: Have you seen this meme? It’s a text message conversation of somebody posing as an automated “cat facts” account and it’s hilarious. Mee-wow!

––2012 Florida Primary: Oh, we’re talking good news? Let’s muck it up a bit by talking politics. Mitt Romney now has about a 15 point lead in the polls here in Florida. If it holds, call in the fat lady, ’cause this thing’s over. I think members of the GOP are tired of the muckraking and are ready to focus on Obama, which means Baseball Mitt will be the Republican nominee.

Who has your vote in this primary season?