Monday Rundown: Jan 24 2011

This is the first Monday Rundown.  This post is intended to be a “week in review” type of entry, but it will also be a general repository of useless things or things that I find funny.  Without further adieu…..

––Four Loko YouTube Craziness: The so-called “blackout in a can” is causing a strange phenomenon.  Users on YouTube are posting their Four Loko feats to the internet and are seeing high views as a result.  User “RustySythe” posted this video where he bongs two Four Lokos in ten seconds, to the tune of 140,000+ views.  A search of “shotgun Fout Loko” yields 285 results, including one from this University of Arizona genius, who shotgunned three Four Lokos in two minutes (and then vomited uncontrollably for approximately ten seconds).  It’s only inevitable that someone’s near-death Four Loko experience will make it onto YouTube next.  I’m not sure I agree with it, but it sure is entertaining (especially this hilarious Dom Mazzetti video). Continue reading “Monday Rundown: Jan 24 2011”

The Manifesto

Someone once wrote, “failure to plan is planning to fail.”  (In light of that…)

I bring forth… The Manifesto.  The Manifesto is a guide for graduation––a compendium of probable circumstances that will guide my actions over the next several months.  Call me crazy, but I would much rather have a defined plan of action than to “wing it.”

[College Quandary #1: Students that graduate without a plan are choosing to risk their futures.  We’ve all seen it––students receive their diplomas and enjoy a week or two of post-college life before uttering a, “now what?” THIS IS VERY BAD. By waiting until after graduation to get going, students then stumble through the job searching process because there is no plan of action.  We’ve all seen this happen too––after Jane Graduate decides that post-grad life and a job at Applebee’s aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, she moves back home with her parents––further crippling her chances of using her youth and degree to get a quick start into the professional world.] Continue reading “The Manifesto”